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Fertility Services

“No great love ever came without struggle”

Those who experience infertility

and loss intimately understand the immense and often isolating challenges inherent in these experiences. 

My areas of expertise include: 

  • Women's health

  • Infertility

  • Infant & pregnancy loss

  • Third party donation, reproduction, and surrogacy

  • Pregnancy after loss

  • Post-partum anxiety and depression

Fertility Consultations

Fertility Consultation Services

Parents with Newborn Baby



Consultations are designed to provide you with a roadmap of the fertility process and prepare you for the journey ahead. I'll learn more about you to better understand how you've come to this place and what is most important to you as you move forward. I'll also highlight potential challenges that you may face down the road, to help you begin to work through them. At the conclusion, you will  feel more knowledgeable, prepared, and confident to take the next step in their fertility journey. For those individuals and couples who are interested in ongoing therapy, as you go through the IVF process, that is also available to you. 

Baby Holding Parent

Third-Party Donation


Third-party donation can provide an incredible opportunity for individuals and couples to expand their families. However, particularly in the case of known egg, sperm, and embryo donors, the process and relationships between intended parents and donor(s) can be complex. Thus, it is vital that intended parent(s) and donor(s) fully understand what to expect before and after donation. Consultations offer an opportunity to establish shared, and mutually agreed upon expectations for the process. Consultations address a wide-range of relevant topics to third-party donation and reproduction, such as disclosure, family dynamics, and ongoing relationships between donors and intended parent(s). Consultations are helpful for those considering becoming a third-party donor, as well as for intended parent(s) with an identified third-party donor(s).

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Gestational Surrogacy


Gestational surrogacy involves a gestational carrier coming forward to voluntarily become pregnant through assisted reproductive technology on behalf of an individual or couple, known as the intended parent(s). While gestational surrogacy can be a beautiful and powerful experience, it carries serious ethical, medical, psychological, and legal challenges that must be carefully considered and fully appreciated. Gestational surrogacy consultations include individual meetings with the intended parent(s) and gestational carrier, as well as a group consultation with all parties present. In addition to conversation covering a range of psychosocial topics relevant to the gestational surrogacy process, formal psychological testing will also typically be included. Consultations are helpful for those considering becoming a gestational carrier, as well as for intended parent(s) with an identified gestational carrier.  

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