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Meditation by the Sea

The Buzz about Bee Well NYC

I found an inner peace that had eluded me for years. Dr. Mel helped me rediscover the best in me. And for that, I consider her to be exceptional.

After experiencing infertility, medical issues, and the loss of my newborn son, Melissa's purpose-centered approach to treatment was invaluable and essential to my healing.

Working with Dr. Mel over the last two years has changed my life. I've never experienced true self-growth like this before.

Dr. Mel's guidance helped me to hold onto my son's presence and to continue to be inspired by him. With her help, despite my grief, struggles and sometimes doubt, I can live a good life and continue to create new possibilities. 

I started working with Dr. Mel after I completed treatment for lung cancer and I was nervous about seeing a therapist. Despite my reluctance, she was warm, caring, compassionate, non-judgmental, and brought a fantastic sense of humor to our sessions. 

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